What to Pack This Summer

I thought I would put an end to my hiatus on this blog with something a little more personal. Summer is not my favorite season. It’s altogether  hot and uncomfortable, and I don’t exactly tan so much as burn, freckle, and then return to my normal pasty state. However, being unable to alter the Earth’s orbit, I’ve devised an essential list of everything I need, beauty and otherwise, to survive the unforgiving temperatures.

Something long-sleeved and high-neck: It may seem seasonally inappropriate, but the nautical stripes and delicate neckline make this blouse my go-to, at the beach or otherwise.

A good tote: This is an obvious one. Anything with canvas, rope, straw or any combination of the three will do. Leather at the beach is just so wrong.

Micellar water: A longtime favorite of French pharmacies, the Garnier version is almost as good as its European counterpart. A gentle cleansing water removes makeup, sweat, and sunscreen residue after a long day of lounging by the water, but its great for ridding the skin of all kinds of impurities year round.

Cream blush: Powers and sweat do not mix, but a cream blush adds and effortless flush to the cheeks. Josie Maran’s coconut formula is super light and hydrating.

Highlight: While I’m not a fan of the 100 watt glow popular on social media currently, a nice highlight on the cheekbones looks effortlessly radiant in the sun.