Bundled Up 

Last spring, the runways saw quite the display of chunky sandals, from Gucci to Prada to Cholé. Now that the temperatures are beginning to drop, we don’t have to bid farewell to last season’s hottest footwear just yet. While socks and sandals may bring up images of tourists in cargo shorts, gorgeous chunky heels and socks (or tights) are anything but tacky. If you’re not ready to rock the maximum-impact opened toed look, opt for something more subtle. 

(Pearls) A Girl’s Best Friend

I’ve never been a big jewelry person. I can recall a time a time a few years ago when statement necklaces seemed to be all the rage, and yet I felt so wrong wearing one of the chunky-looking pieces around my neck. However, this summer has presented me with an opportunity to branch out a bit, if you will. While pearls have long held a very old ladyish connotation in my mind (NOT that there’s anything wrong with old lady style), I’ve had a bit of an epiphany lately. No longer just strands of lustrous little beads, pearls have become modern and minimalist. Just think of those infamous Celine chokers from summer 2013.

Into the Wild

Embrace the freezing temperatures this winter in rugged fashion with think knits, fur, leather and shearling. Take on a casual, almost grunge feel, following suit of DSQUARED fall/winter 15/16. The look of Arctic fur is striking, yet classic and always practical.


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Retro Wave 

It’s easy to forget about sunglasses as the weather gets colder and the days get shorter. However, with the 70’s trend staying strong in the form of eyewear this season, this is the perfect opportunity to sport a retro silloete. From eyewear favorite Tom Ford’s winter collection to Gucci’s runway, inspiration in the form of oversized, round lenses is all over. 


After Hours

Take a cue from 80’s deconstructionism for your workwear this season. Roll up your sleeves or undo a few buttons to make classic office staples young and modern. Showing even the slightest bit of skin is effortlessly sexy, yet still totally work-appropriate.

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The Classical Era

Following what seemed to be a bohemian-crazed, festival-inspired spring season that included flared jeans, flowy blouses, body jewelry, and floral prints a la Tommy Hilfiger’s  Spring 2015 collection, this fall is bringing something cleaner to the table. Instead of heavily fringed jackets and lots of embellishment, this season will feature classic, structured outerwear, which, coincidentally, happens to be pretty warm too.

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A New Look at Denim

Denim is one of the most versatile materials out there. Although once thought of as an exclusively casual item for lazy Sundays, denim has become so much more than just your favorite pair of Levi’s. Seen more and more frequently on the likes of celebrities such as Miranda Kerr and Kim Kardashian and the streets of Fashion Week, denim is becoming, dare I say, a bit high fashion (if done right). Denim on denim, otherwise known as the “Canadian Tuxedo,” is also transforming from a frumpy no-no to a high-impact look. The look is inherently casual, but with the right accessories and, more importantly, confidence, it also has the perfect off-duty edge to it.

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