What to Pack This Summer

I thought I would put an end to my hiatus on this blog with something a little more personal. Summer is not my favorite season. It’s altogether  hot and uncomfortable, and I don’t exactly tan so much as burn, freckle, and then return to my normal pasty state. However, being unable to alter the Earth’s orbit, I’ve devised an essential list of everything I need, beauty and otherwise, to survive the unforgiving temperatures.

Something long-sleeved and high-neck: It may seem seasonally inappropriate, but the nautical stripes and delicate neckline make this blouse my go-to, at the beach or otherwise.

A good tote: This is an obvious one. Anything with canvas, rope, straw or any combination of the three will do. Leather at the beach is just so wrong.

Micellar water: A longtime favorite of French pharmacies, the Garnier version is almost as good as its European counterpart. A gentle cleansing water removes makeup, sweat, and sunscreen residue after a long day of lounging by the water, but its great for ridding the skin of all kinds of impurities year round.

Cream blush: Powers and sweat do not mix, but a cream blush adds and effortless flush to the cheeks. Josie Maran’s coconut formula is super light and hydrating.

Highlight: While I’m not a fan of the 100 watt glow popular on social media currently, a nice highlight on the cheekbones looks effortlessly radiant in the sun.


Bundled Up 

Last spring, the runways saw quite the display of chunky sandals, from Gucci to Prada to Cholé. Now that the temperatures are beginning to drop, we don’t have to bid farewell to last season’s hottest footwear just yet. While socks and sandals may bring up images of tourists in cargo shorts, gorgeous chunky heels and socks (or tights) are anything but tacky. If you’re not ready to rock the maximum-impact opened toed look, opt for something more subtle.